Kings of GOT7 planning a comeback in September!

Yes, they are really coming back. / Ja, ze komen echt terug.

“FIRE” by BTS flames on as they easily reach 400 million views on Youtube

Them Bangtan Boys not only reached that benchmark once, NO, BTS has now did it TWICE!

Black Pink hits you with the Japanese “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”

Japanese singing + English rap = L.I.T.!!!

Check out Black Pink’s massive hit with both versions below:

Stray Kids drops another bomshell of a MV with “Voices”!

After releasing their MV for “Pace”, the boys got another MV in store for you!

Check out TWICE starring in new thrilling detective MV “BDZ”

That new music video is so amazing! Where can we watch the full season? ^^

BTS becomes 1st K-pop boygroup with 10 million youtube subscribers

Just like Black Pink is writing history with the first K-pop girl group to reach “10 million subscribers on Youtube”, the Bangtan Boys represent the first K-pop boygroup to the same.

BLACK PINK becomes 1st K-pop girlgroup with 10 million youtube subscribers

As of August 16th, Black Pink is the first K-pop girl group to reach 10 million subscribers on YouTube!

[Spotlight: Art] KATVEN’s K-pop art is next level!

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” / “Een foto is wel duizend woorden waard.”

Let’s celebrate #2YearsWithAgustD anniversary!

Congratulations to all the fans of BTS’ Suga aka Agust D worldwide!

BTS are KINGS by breaking Justin Bieber’s record on Billboard

Move Biebs, get out the way! Get out the way Biebs, get out the way! ^^

Check out Stray Kids amazing vlog-like MV “Insomnia”

After the boys released “Pace”, they hit you with another banger!

Ladies & Gentlemen: (G)I-DLE is back in full force with MV “HANN”!!

Good comes to those who wait: and O.M.G. was it worth it!

BTS’ Jin will leave you speechless after watching “Epiphany”

ARMY is getting restless and impatient: BTS’ release date on August 24th is so close, but yet so far away.

BTS release EVEN MORE flawless teaser pics for “Love Yourself: Answer”

Check out the teaser pictures for their new album “Love Yourself: Answer” below:

BTS release flawless teaser pics for “Love Yourself: Answer”

Check out the teaser pictures for their new album “Love Yourself: Answer” below:

Eluphant takes you on a holiday with MV “Singapore Sling”

Ever wanted to visit Singapore? Well, let the boy’s of Eluphant take you on a trip!

Brave Girls update “Rollin'” with a fresh, new cut!

Honestly? Brave Girls can make us a million versions of “Rollin'”. And we’d still be watching each one of them. ^^

(G)I-dle amazes with stunning teaser pics!

The day the earth stood still…

Watch DIA’s tropical comeback with mesmerizing MV “WooWoo”

Heart eyes here. Heart eyes there. Heart eyes everywhere!

D-Crunch means business with debut MV “Palace”

New kids on the block! And they ain’t playing!

Stray Kids go pedal to the metal with comeback MV “My Pace”!

Ready. Steady. GO! / Klaar. Voor de start. AF!

Teaser pics of TWICE for Japanese album “BDZ” are STUNNING!

Who needs the sun when you got TWICE heating things up?!

Berry Good is so fruitilicious in comeback MV teaser “Green Apple”

That teaser was very, BERRY Good!

Red Velvet make mighty summer comeback with MV “Power Up”

Our goddesses are causing a heatwave with their new music video!!

Congrats to all our BLINKS with our 2nd anniversary!!

Spreading love and kisses to BLINKS all over the world!

LOONA launches into ORBIT with new MV “favOrite”!

Is there any more room in that rocket ship, because WOW!

Watch F.T. ISLAND go acoustic with “Summer Night’s Dream”

As if the original music video wasn’t enough, they also released a intimate, acoustic version!

(G)I-Dle’s “Whistle” teaser: comeback almost upon us?

´╗┐Yes we feel you and yes we can’t wait either! / Ja we begrijpen je en ja wij kunnen ook niet wachten!

Congrats to all EXO-L with our 4th anniversary!

Here’s cake for you! And for you! AND for you! For all of us!

Girls’ Generation celebrate “11th anniversary” milestone!

We salute our queens for being with us for 11 years!

TWICE “Knock Knock” it out the park with 200million views for the 6th time!

TWICE “Knock Knock” it out the park with 200million views for the 6th time!

IKON is back on the block with new MV “Killing Me”

New album and new music video: Ikonic all over the world are going crazy!

Tiffany Young is BAE in MV “Over My Skin”

Capslock on: GORGEOUS! Capslock off: new music video!

Guess who’s coming back this summer: (G)I-Dle!!

Every day, every night, Latata!

Watch SF9 assemble for comeback MV “Now or Never”

Vocals on point and moves like jagger!

Hearts all over the world when Jinho & Sorn cover “We don’t talk anymore”

Warning: this romantic duet will get you in you in your feelings!

Magical pair Zico & IU in highly anticipated MV “Soulmate”


VARSITY commands in style with MV for “Flower”!

Varsity’s comeback demands your attention!

Triple H takes you back in time with MV for “Retro Future”!

BOOM! Triple H is back in the house, taking over the room!

Watch LABOUM mesmerize you in MV for “Between Us”

The girls are causing a heat wave this summer!

Super Junior D&D new MV “Sunrise” is fire!

Super Junior D&E makes you feel the heat with their stunning new music video!

KARD’s comeback MV “Ride on the Wind” is summer’s royal flush!

(For Dutch: scroll below the line / Voor Nederlands: scroll naar beneden tot onder de lijn) KARD is back people! Today, on July 25th, KARD has officially returned with their comeback album and… Continue reading

Watch Hyolin shine like the sun in new MV “See Sea”

The empress strikes back!

Watch Mamamoo give a breathtaking mashup of “Havana” & “Starry Night”!

Impeccable. Flawless. Goddesses. MAMAMOO leaves you speechless after their stunning mashup!!

Watch Seungri take the world by storm with MV for “1, 2, 3”!

With a delightful music video, Seungri has made sure his solo comeback is here to stay.

Did we find out Red Velvet’s comeback date & album title?!

Are our queens of Red Velvet planning a coming back?

We are inches closer to KARD’s summer comeback!

KARD’s summer comeback is like a gift that keeps on giving!