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BTS hits 400 million views for the 6th time with MV “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

What would 2019 be without BTS smashing a Youtube barrier right? ^^

WAYV splashes on the scene with Chinese version “Regular MV”

Go hard or go home, because NCT’s Chinese unit WayV are FIERCE!

Watch “28th Seoul Music Awards” performances by BTS, Seventeen, TWICE and more!

Missed the live show? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!! ^^

Watch “Show Champion” performances by Apink, Laboum, Lovelyz and more!!

Missed the live show of the January 9th episode of “Show Champion”? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!! ^^

BTS shatters the 600 million view barrier with “DNA” MV!!

They are the first and only K-pop group act to have achieved that feat! Encore for the Bangtan Boys!!

ONEUS ignites with a strong debut “Valkyrie” MV

The boys released the impressive debut track along with their very first mini album “Light Us”. 

APINK demands your confidence in “%%” MV

Apink is back in full force and they want all or nothing!

WJSN makes you fall in “La La Love” in new MV

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Cosmic Girls are back!!! ^^

RED VELVET are playfull queens in new MV “Sappy”

RED VELVET have made their Japanese comeback!

CHUNG HA lights up your screen in “Gotta Go” MV

The empress makes her royal comeback!

MOMOLAND hits 300 million view for the 1st time with MV “BBOOM BBOOM”

If you’re a Merry-Go-Round, you can be very proud on your favourite Idols!!

Go behind the scenes of “Hello” with Fei ft. Jackson

If you liked her mesmerizing music video “Hello”, you will love this new behind the scenes footage!

Watch BTS trending ‘2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje’ performance!

The number 1 trending video in the United States? BTS with their slaying ‘2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje’ performance!! ^^

BLACKPINK hits 450 million views for the 3rd time with MV “BOOMBAYA”

Click-clack Badda Bing, Badda BOOM! BLACK PINK in your area!!

Watch GOT7 celebrate christmas with live version of “Miracle”

They took away your winter blues and now bring you some extra joy with their live rendition Christmas gift! ^^

BTS hits 400 million views for the 5th time with MV “Mic Drop” Remix

The Bulletproof Boy Scouts are on an impressive streak as they shatter the 400 million barrier once again!

Watch SEVENTEEN synchronize in “Getting Closer” MV

Brace yourself, because the boys are back in stunning way!

BOA is an Enchanting Señorita in MV “Amor”

BOA released her Japanese track with a Latin twist: SUGOOOOOOI!! ^^

BLACK PINK claims spot at Rolling Stone’s “10 Best Music Videos of 2018”

The Queens of BLACK PINK are the only K-pop act to enter this year’s list! 

Come party with WJSN & Mickey Mouse in “It’s A Good Time” MV!

The Cosmic Girls are our Disney Princesses in their new music video!

Watch WINNER take all in MV “Million”

WINNER is bringing their playful heat into the Winter season!!

GOT7 release Winter BOP with “I Won’t Let You Go” MV

If you can’t wait for the album to be released on January 30th, the boys will make sure you’ll be in good company! 😉

BTS breaks through 300 million views barrier with MV “IDOL”

The Bulletproof Boy Scouts have smashed that achievement for an amazing 8th time!!!

Watch BLACK PINK’s Jennie take 3rd win on “Inkigayo”

On the latest episode of “Inkigayo” the competition was fierce with “Yes or Yes” by TWICE and “Fiance” by Winner’s Mino.

RED VELVET is slaying December in English version of “Really Bad Boy”

Love the Korean version, will love the English too: Same queens, another day!

BTS hits 400 million views for the 4th time with MV “Fake Love”

Them Bangtan Boys are really writing major history as they reach that benchmark for a fourth time!!!

Watch the final performances of “The 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards”!!

The grand finale of “2018 MAMA” in Hong Kong went out with a B.A.N.G.!! The line up included BTS, GOT7, IZ*ONE and more!!

Yeri & NCT make the beat go on in “Hair In The Air” MV

If you love the movie “Trolls”, you will love this song that is made for the TV animated series!

Watch EXO hit the bullseye with their new “Love Shot” MV

Locked and Loaded: EXO’s aiming for your heart!

Watch TWICE celebrate December in “The Best Thing I Ever Did” MV

TWICE brings joy and warmth in the Winter season! ^^

BTS hits 400 million views for the 3rd time with MV “DOPE”

Them Bangtan Boys not only reached that benchmark twice, NO, BTS has now did it for an impressive 3rd time! :O :O

Queen FEI Slays in new MV “Hello”

Former Miss A member FEI featuring GOT7’s JACKSON = a perfect combination!